Even though the highly anticipated sony exclsive title MAG isn't released, it doesn't even have a release date, but info has came out of what was said to be the development team theirself of what they plan on doing after MAG.  
    I caught on to the to what i thought they were doing after a few dev. diaries and interviews with the delelopers and after cheching it out for myself i found i was right.
    First of all, as everyone knows, the overall standing between the three factions (SVER, RAVEN, VALOR) will be up to show overall progress of how the shadow war is going. but this isn't just to make the soldiers feel acomplished.
    And second, as the creative director, Ed Byrne, said in a dev. diary, "but what i'd like to see is the backstory we've made, the work that we've put into the PMC'S, the work we've put into the world of MAG, allows us to create more games, different types of games and genres". they pretty much want to extend the world of MAG. And What we were told by an ally site who will remain unknown is that the overall standings of MAG after a certain period of time, or when a major lead is taken by one faction, it will then help then start their new story for whatever game they try to make, whether it be an action adventure, role-playing, or just an offline shooter.
    And just to clear things up, what this means is that say if everyone decides to be on RAVEN then they will start winning the shadow war. This means their next game will start with you playing as soldeirs of the other two factions, trying to neutralize the overpowering numbers and weapons RAVEN will aquire.
    Remember, it may not be RAVEN who wins it all, but in all of the forums it is leaning tha way. And remember, when all this comes true make sure you give credit where credit is due. You may not want to believe any of this because it hasn't been cofirmed, but just imagine if you thought of this.